EN | Clickjacking to Account Takeover via Drag&Drop

September 27, 2020

In August of this year, I found a Clickjacking vulnerability in a dutch company. Later I realized that this vulnerability could be upgraded to Account Takeover. Then, I coded a PoC template with CSS and reported the vulnerability. And they fixed this vulnerability and rewarded me with a €€€ bounty. I don’t say the company, because they want to remain confidential.


I was reviewing the responses by sending requests to the system. When I looked at response header, I saw that the X-Frame-Options attribute was not set. This was causing the Clickjacking vulnerability.

Impact Escalation

I saw there was a control panel page for users. Also, due to the system, when the e-mail address was changed, user accounts could be taken over.

Template Source: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/WKtVKBBd4F/

I coded a template using the drag&drop feature with CSS and HTML.


I can hear what you think. Yes, Since the drag & drop feature is used, the impact of the vulnerability is reduced. However, it is still a weakness that is likely to cause serious damage. I reported the vulnerability, and we agreed with the company that it should be fixed.

The end :

7 August 2020 - Report sent
8 August 2020 - Confirmed
11 August 2020 - I was awarded a €€€ bounty